The Graphic Foodie gets a graphic (and functional) makeover

by - January 29, 2014

Many of you read this blog through a feed reader, but if you go direct to the site you may notice I've redesigned the site!

Although the design, illustrations and logo have been refreshed (as well as on all my social media pages) there are a few other changes to the functionality.

Most importantly, the site is now responsive, so it will adapt for desktop, mobile and tablet platforms. I noticed more visitors were using mobile devices to browse the site, and although desktop is still the most popular platform, I can only imagine this will change in the not too distant future.

I've added all my favourite Brighton food spots, aka my Black Book, to a Pinterest Places Map so you can find the best restaurant closest to you or find it helpful in planning your visit.

The sidebar will have direct links to my most popular guides like the Black Book or my guide for Kid's Menus in Brighton. All of these will be continuously updated with new finds and information and there will be more guides coming in the future.

I have improved the navigational menu and search facility so you should be able to find what your looking for more easily.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look, it's been hard going as I've done quite a bit of the coding myself (something I've wanted to learn for ages, wanna-be geek much?) and there have been quite a few 3am finishes. One of the hardest things for any designer is designing something for themselves, you can nit-pick details for days, months, hell...years even. Plus after nine hours at my designing day job and juggling motherhood, sometimes I just want to sit on the sofa, open the wine and watch some dreadful, brain-emptying television. Dinner Date, I'm looking at you.

If you have any comments, suggestions or find any bugs (gasp!) then leave me a message in the comments, but really, thanks for reading the blog and hope the face-lift makes your visit more enjoyable.


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