Gone fishing

by - June 01, 2014

Sometimes a little break is just what is needed.

I've decided to take the whole of June off blogging and more importantly, all social media channels. No more laptop eyes at 2am, checking that phone once too often and teetering off into the evening to food events left right and centre. I'm even deleting all desktop and mobile apps like an addict that needs all temptation removed. A social media detox that I need to sweat out if you like.

Social media has enriched modern lives in many ways. I've connected with so many interesting people through it, people that lighten my day, inform and entertain me. Some I'll now even consider to be personal friends. The other side is that it's an unbelievable drain of time, leading to lack of focus and distraction.

As for this blogging lark, there can be a little too much pressure for something that stated as a hobby and should be an enjoyment rather than a chore. This blog is lighthearted, real and fun and what people tell me they like about it. So I intend to keep it that way and stepping back for a short time is often just the ticket to reset the balance and get that positive energy back that drove me to start this blog, ooooh six years ago now. The last couple of months have been particularly busy with events and I've just completed a pretty major project at my day job too. Awesome, fabulous, love it, but full on.

So instead, I'll be taking lunch breaks and spending the time I do have at home, REALLY at home, with my darling little family. Because really, there are far more important things in life than needing to photograph every meal you eat. What really? Yes really!

Anyway, whateverthehell, I'm really looking forward to it. See you in July kids, don't eat anything I wouldn't.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog this far.

GF x


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