LUNCH REVIEW: La Choza, Brighton

by - August 27, 2013

These days La Choza is HEAVING at lunchtimes, so if you need lunch on the quick then the to-go option may be the way.

Although known for their burritos, I really need a dose of clean eating so went for their street food salad (doing everything I could not to add a portion of pulled pork).

For £5, the portion was decent, lots of crunchy red cabbage, carrots, iceberg, onion, radish all slightly softened by the lime dressing and dotted with a few cheeky fresh chillis and strips of toasted tortilla. Basically this is the nice little salad that is served as a side to most of their main dishes with a few pieces (three) of avocado thrown in.

I think it could be made more of really, more avocado, maybe some of their "green" rice or beans. For a decent lunch feed you really need to add meat or a side like the calamari. Nice but I'll be hungry by 4pm on this.

La Choza36 Gloucester Road, Brighton BN1 4AQ

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