Merry Christmas x

by - December 23, 2012

This year has gone by so fast I feel I haven't caught my breath. This time last year I was waddling around, a stone and a half heavier, and pretty much resigned to the sofa with a stash of tasteless rom-coms and chocolates. Christmas was pretty much cancelled as in my heavily pregnant state I wasn't in the mood to host a big dinner.

So much has happened and life has sure as hell changed beyond all recognition. Cocktails, late nights and beautifully unsuitable footwear have been traded in for strong coffee and playdates (I still wear beautifully unsuitable footwear and the last year has pretty much been one big all-nighter, albeit of the non-fun kind).

Life is slowly returning back to some sort of normal, I'm going back to work straight after Christmas (finding my brain again is on the to-do list) and although a little apprehensive and sad to not be running after my little boy 24/7, it will be nice to have a bit of the old me back. And this Christmas, our dining table will be full of family again (including the newest addition!).

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you so much for reading this little blog, especially for the die hards who have stuck with me despite my little blog break this year, I promise the new year will be filled with more recipes, reviews and food design finds and for those interested, you can follow my Baby Foodie blog with recipes and finds for little ones and family friendly local reviews.

Lots of love, eat, rejoice and all that sort of good stuff. Hope you all get what you want for Christmas (If you're reading this Santa, I just want sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.)


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