A month of revisits

by - September 14, 2011

This month I have seemingly done a round of revisits to some of my favourite restaurants and cafés. I often go to these but then don't re-review them as sometimes I just want to eat a flipping meal and not have to blog about it, although I can assure you my reviews still stand. Although I like I like the Russian roulette experience of trying new places, sometimes you want to go to an old faithful, somewhere you know you will get a good feed if you're out and abut in Brighton (launch theme music from Cheers).

The Chilli Pickle
You know I love this restaurant. Having had time to bed into its new location in a more foot-fall friendly road and increased in size, it still retains all of its magic, quality and affordability. With a larger premises, they have been able to expand their tandoori dishes and the huge mixed meat platter as well as the whole tandoori sea bass are worth going for alone. The Oxtail Madras is also back on the menu - one of Mr. GF's favourite dishes. Still have a great selection of beers, still have fantastic staff, this is such a great asset to the Brighton dining scene. [Previous review here and here.]

Sam's of Brighton (Kemptown)
Another one of my favourites, Sam's can be relied upon for simple yet robust, quality cooking. Their lack of faff is a real plus point as well as their smart bistro style interior. Plus it's round the corner from my house! Using lots of fantastic produce, the meat dishes in particular are always good. On this visit I had a really succulent pig's cheek starter (which was on the specials) and a delicious and surprisingly hearty Salt Marsh lamb salad. I also tried a really nice Sicilian wine from Mandra Rossa which was new to me. [Previous review]

Love Poppy's underground restaurant
I attended a really pleasant event here courtesy of Casillero Del Diablo wines. Fab wines aside, Poppy delivered another stonking, beautifully presented meal. Her slow cooked pork was droolingly good. And you know what it's like at underground restaurants with strangers where everyone is being polite? Yeah, well, forks were spearing leftover meat here, there and everywhere! Mr GF, usually such a charming man, made sure he nabbed the bone of the platter for the last tasty morsels! Dessert was the prettiest of the month too.

You won't get her attention to detail in any restaurant in town. Get down to here if you can, upcoming events here. More info available at www.lovepoppy.co.uk.

Boho Gelato
Whenever I have a troop of visitors, I march them down to Boho for an education in gelato. Now my visitors DEMAND we factor in a visit here! Offering a different experience every day as the flavours change constantly, I loved my lemon and poppy seed and mint choice this time. The best bit about going with a load of people is you get to share (if they let you!) so got to try the Gin and Tonic, Cherry and White Chocolate and Honeycomb flavours (although you can always ask the server nicely for a little taste). [Previous review]

Cocoa Patisserie
I'll almost forgive them for always running out of my favourite Cocoa product, the briochette unless I go in super early, because the second choice will always be first class anyway like their flaky croissant, tartlets, macarons and beautiful mousse cakes. Since discovering this gem, I refuse to eat pastries from anywhere else in the city. A piece of Paris right in the heart of Brighton. Bliss. [Previous review]

I popped in for a solo lunch because I wanted a really good feed and a steaming hot bowl of their Pho is always going to fill you up! I tend to go for the meatballs and brisket, shoving loads of the  supplied coriander, chilli and beansprouts in. It is a heavy lunch but instead of making me sleepy, always makes me feel strong and virtuous - perfect to fuel an afternoon back at the studio designing! Nice and casual, I always enjoy my visits here. [Previous review]

Another chain yes, but another quick post-work meal on the fly. I do think from reading reviews we have a particularly good branch here, I think the interior is the nicest in the old music library and I've yet to have a dud meal off the full menu (the cheap early dining menu can be a bit hit and miss). [Previous review]

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