PRODUCT REVIEWS: New this month

by - October 17, 2015

Holy Cow Indian sauces*
A company genuinely born from a love of home cooked food will always have a place in my heart. Even though these Indian sauces are not made in the family home anymore, they are still made with natural ingredients with no strange additives or synthetic flavourings. And the packaging looks great too. My favourite was the thick, sweet aromatic Deli Tikka Masala. We really did enjoy these and I wouldn't hesitate in picking up a pouch for a mid-week cheat. Nice packaging too.

Biodynamic eggs
I had to have these knowing nothing about biodynamic eggs other than sounding unbearably hippy. Even the bloke in Infinity Foods has no idea what they were other than muttering something about the lunar cycle *eyebrows raised*. But actually biodynamic has something to do with a spiritual approach to farming (stay with me here). It starts with organic farming methods with no chemical pesticides or fertilisers. However, biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic like using a sowing calendar that is based on the sun, moon, planets and stars...yadda yadda...all I know is these eggs were rich with huge, incredibly yellow, heck orange yolks. Amazing. Grab them if you see them.

Bedlam Brewery*
Sussex based Bedlam Brewery caught my eye with their beautiful packaging which is very different for the sector. Whilst everyone is on the craft ale train, Bedlam Brewery have decided to add a German style pilsner to their collection of ales and porter. Although I am more at home with my wine, this was easy drinking, fresh and slightly citrus and had more flavour than you would expect from a larger. Definitely worth hunting out and trying out the rest of the range is high up on my to-do list.

Zaramama popping corn
I noticed these in a farm shop lately. Not only did they look great, I had no idea corn came in so many varieties or colours! Pink, white, blueish and big and small kernels. I also bought a whole popping corn in a dramatic black variety to appease my inner goth. To be fair they tasted very similar once popped but had good flavour and make for such a healthy snack if you refrain from dusting them in tons of sugar.

*I was sent samples to review. Thoughts and words, as always, are my own.

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