First shoot

by - June 13, 2010

So I art directed my first food photo shoot the other day. Although having done a few corporate shoots and music bands, this was a shoot I was really looking forward to. As well as photographing a product I designed, which will be in Waitrose soon (and I can't tell you what it is hence the pixelation), I also did some food styling shoots for recipes. It was great seeing a photographer with food experience at work. Top tip? Paint a solution of Bisto on meat to look more yummy!

As you can tell from my blog I'm not one for overly manicured food shots. I spend my whole day tweaking and perfecting design work so I am happy to just snap my dinner in the evening (and it ain't going cold for no-one!). But it was good to shoot food with a different mindset. Oh, and I did a bit of the cooking for the shoot too - couldn't resist!

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