DESIGN: I Vini D' Italia, Ana Zaja Petrak

by - April 04, 2014

It's hardly a surprise I like a bit of design on my walls at home and I like to choose pieces carefully. Currently on display at Graphic Foodie Towers is a selection of limited edition screen prints, framed ephemera and design and photography from some of my talented, creative friends. (No, I don't know what they see in me either.)

And my kitchen, one of the last rooms left to renovate (because I can't make up my mind what to have apart from concrete worktops!), already has a small collection going including an original oil painting from my fair hands circa 1998, but I'm pleased to have a new print to add to the mix. I'm a massive fan of Ana Zaja Petrak's work, the Italian and graphic nature of her illustrations obviously appeals to me in spades. I Vini D' Italia is a more grown up print from her, but still has her playful and casual style that I love.

I was also tempted by the following:

(From top left, clockwise) Limonata by Ana Zaja Petrak, Plums by Ana Zaja Petrak, Coffee Pot 3 by Weef, Wild Raspberries by Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, Aranci! vintage print, Saki Party Art Print by Fiona Howard.

I found out that Andy Warhol illustrated a series of dessert concepts for a spoof cookbook called "Wild Raspberries". What's interesting is that the type looks so fresh and you see this style all over food and style blogs now. Love that great big wibbly green jelly.

As for buying art online, I particularly like seeing how the print looks in different frames. Easyart have an online tool so you can easily add mounts or change the frame colour and material, which can often change the look of the print completely. I thought a thicker black frame and a mount would make the print look more substantial.

Although I often frame prints myself due to cost, nothing beats having something properly framed. The painted wood frame that I chose for my wine print was excellent quality. All of this results in a far more expensive looking print! I also appreciated the double signed panel on the back of the frame to give it a personal touch to an online purchase. 

The print arrived really well packaged and in perfect condition. Thoroughly recommended! Although Easyart have a lot of choice, in a lot of categories, you can start here at

I was sent the print to review from Easyart.

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