by - June 13, 2010

The weeks are flying by. Can you believe it's mid-June?

Monday we had a house favourite - the chicken "parmo". Served with thinly sliced, roasted potatoes with rosemary and a salad for a summer feel.

Getting my share of the seasonal asparagus at the moment. This time it appeared in a light linguini dish with some pan fried salmon. Easy, quick and only dirtying 2 pots (chuck the asparagus into the pot with pasta for the last few minutes).

Thursday, Mr. Graphic Foodie cooked another favourite, lemon cod with spiced chickpeas and spinach. It tasted much better than when I cook it which annoyed me a bit to be honest!

With that Friday feeling making me wild and crazy, I decided to venture off piste from the chalkboard and change the polenta to couscous. I love this Belazu barley version, which is always light as a feather. The ratatouille is an evolved version of a Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall recipe which uses every single pot in the house. Worth it though. Just.

Went to the newly opened Ginger Dog on Saturday with Essexeating and Pearcafe. Review here.

Sunday was my mum's birthday and I cooked ricotta gnocchi, a chicken marsala stew and her favourite dessert - profiteroles. I was so impressed with them I shall pop up the recipe soon.

Have a happy eating week!

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