British Street Food Awards, South heats and my vote

by - May 23, 2014

You can't deny that the arrival of Street Diner in Brighton has completely shaken up the lunchtime options and introduced us to a huge amount of exciting new food. It's also been a great platform for people with a passion for food to gently start up their own business, some even taking it further and cleaned up some less than desirable green spaces in the centre for everyone to enjoy.

It's great, has a real positive vibe and I love how it is going from strength to strength with new sites and fresh ideas.

So I really think that there is a good chance for those that have a pitch here to get quite far, and possibly win the British Street Food Awards.

Although the judging will be put to the public vote, I was asked to give my favourites for you to maybe consider. But really, the best thing you can do is have a taste over the next few weeks at a Street Diner day then head down to the South heats on June 14th, 11am - 3pm. You'll need to download the BSF app to vote. There will also be live music and should be a fun event.

My picks are;

Toston Tolon
I have heard so much good stuff about Toston Tolon and they sure deserve the hype. Their arepa are a delight. The perfect size for lunch and a break from bread too with cornmeal buns, made and toasted on-site. They are then filled with shredded beef or pork, black beans, fried sweet plantain, cheese and your choice of sauce. They are a lovely Venezuelan family that serve up their traditional food with love. Another plus (for me) is that they also have the best looking stand which is no wonder as they have a few graphic designers in the family. The Graphic Foodie loves graphic foodies.


You don't often want to be weighed down by a carbolific lunch. Sometimes my eyes get the better of my belly and I want to curl up under my desk for a snooze. Not with Ahimsa - their Indian street food is vibrant, fresh and uplifting with great textures. They vary their food but their thing is the chaat (above is the Mumbai Beach Chaat). You'll be cartwheeling back to the office. Maybe.

Cin Cin
I have to vote Italian, right! And if street food can be served with a little glamour then why the hell not. Cin Cin bring it with the bubbles and glorious Italian food from their gorgeous 1972 Fiat van. I like that they offer something completely different to most of the other street food vendors too. In a town where decent Italian food is thin on the ground, their well sourced antipasti boxes with arancini or meatball sandwiches are ray of sunshine through the dreary clouds of sloppy pasta and cardboard pizza. Shame I can't have it with a Bellini (because that's how I roll) due of licensing but hey, you can't have it all. Salute!

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