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by - April 10, 2014

There are so many brilliant family friendly things about Brighton, hence why people flock here with their new little darlings. However, in those early days, where you emerge, shell-shocked and needing the support of your entire close parent group, it can be a tricky place to find somewhere that will accommodate more than a couple of buggies in the city. I know, and this is my most requested guide!

Below are a few suggestions of where you can go when you are on tour with multiple buggy carrying friends. If you are also looking for great food for kids in the city, check my kid's menu post, although not all of those restaurants will easily accommodate more than a couple of buggies.

Nu Posto
The only time I suggest taking the kids down West Street! Nu Posto offers authentic Neapolitan pizza in a huge venue, ideal for buggies. As you would expect from Italians, they are very accommodating and friendly to children and can make up small pizzas for them too.

The Cyclist Refreshment Rooms 
A cafe/pub/restaurant in Brighton station with a glorious eclectic interior and fantastic, locally sourced food. There is plenty of room for buggies and staff are really friendly.

Brighton Dome Cafe Bar
The cafe at the Dome is probably the best open space if there is a large group of you. Plenty of room and no one bats an eyelid to exploring toddlers. Although it's a shame that Peyton and Bryne have stopped providing the food here, there are still cakes and light bits as well as coffee to pop in for.

The Cow
Aside from plenty of space, being child-friendly and a nice interior is that all of the bread is baked on site. Hooray for us carb addicts! They also have varied menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cafe upstairs at the Duke's @ Komedia
This hidden gem I only came across the other day. Essentially, the cafe is the refreshment area for the Komedia Cinema but is quiet in the day and a couple of buggies should be fine. Great homemade cakes (and fabulous wine list).

Other than the decent and local cafe style food, there is a really lovely kids corner. Plus the cafe operates inside the church itself so plenty of running room which is great as most other Kemptown cafes are quite limited in size. 

I really like the Barefoot Cafe which is next to the Yellowave volley ball courts. If the sun shines you can dine outside on the decked area and little ones can play in the sand or there is a really nice interior. Even my irrational fear of sand doesn't put me off a visit. The only disappointing thing is the food. Order simply like a sandwich or salad and it will be fine but expect nothing more than decent student food for hot meals. It is filling and cheap though and there are BBQs in the summer. If they could nail that food a little better this would be such a winner.

The train station is not somewhere you would think to meet but the new-ish cafe here has been beautifully refurbished, has a cute little kids corner (above) and plenty of space. There's a really varied menu to choose from too.

You can tell Peter Andre is a family man. His cafe is probably the only central place with a small but clean soft play area. The food is casual and could be better but coffee is ok and the staff are really lovely. Plenty of room and convenient location.

This is the latest addition to the rejuvenated London Road area. It didn't take long to be discovered as an ideal hangout for those with small kids due to the sheer amount of space, probably one of the biggest in Brighton. The interior is amazing and there is an enormous menu. I can't say I was too impressed with the food on my last visit but that was in the opening week. A good place to go and still feel a bit cool and due to the size, you'd never feel like you were outstaying your welcome.

Pelican on Portland 
Much loved in the Portland Road area in Hove, this cafe really goes to town catering for children. There is a large space at the back for the kids to roam with toys, a dedicated buggy park and children's events. Gold star to the Pelican!

Coggings & Co
There are a few steps up from the entrance but other than that there should be a decent amount of space for buggies. The burgers and food is really well sourced, mostly local and the children's burger is probably the best quality kid's burger in Brighton.

Also on London Road, the Emporium Cafe and theatre is a kooky little place. Really open plan with bags of space, there is a small casual menu (jackets, savoury pastries and sandwiches) which looks nice and a selection of locally baked cakes. They sometimes have theatre evens for small children too.

Of course, you can't get a better space than one of Brighton's city parks. Run the little critters out then retreat to one of the decent cafes for a pick-me-up. Some of my favourites are:
Pavilion Gardens cafe - kiosk with outside seating
Blakers Park cafe - kiosk with outside seating
Queens Park - basic kiosk with some seating
The Garden Cafe at St Ann's Well - full cafe with internal seating and full menu
Preston Park - not one but two cafes! The Chalet which is really quaint with good seating and the Rotunda Cafe near the rose gardens.
The Velo Cafe at The Level - where cyclists and buggies battle for space but on a quiet day you may be lucky.

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