REVIEW: Julien Plumart Boutique Salon Du Thé, Brighton

by - May 29, 2013

Brighton is full to the brim with cafes buzzing with tattooed hipsters, Macbook Pros and flat whites but one thing we have been lacking is a truly decadent, but modern spot for tea and a sweet something. Enter Julien Plumart's new(ish) boutique cafe and shop, with its shiny black surfaces, sexy lighting and elegant French staff.

Plumart's wonderful laid back Cocoa Patisserie still popular with the locals, but the more upmarket Salon Du Thé still offers his top notch mousse cakes and pastries, as well as savoury lunches, although the focus is on the row upon row of glittering macarons in jewelled colours and flavours from the classic to the creative.

I love the attention to detail here from the iridescent dusting on the raspberry on top of my favourite Delice mousse cake to the texture of the menu covers to the choice of glassware. There is a small seating area outside when the sun is shining or a few tables inside in beautifully decorated surroundings. The whole experience is a joy.

I've been craving a place like this and will save me from queueing for 45 minutes in the rain outside Pierre Herme in Paris for a €50 box of macarons. Yes I did that.

Prices are in-line with our Parisian friend, expect to pay £13 for a box of 8 macarons, £26 for 18 and £35 for 24. You can of course buy them individually to eat-in but really, are truly worth the cost as they are the best macarons in the city, possibly on this side of the Channel. Try the Mojito with its firm jelly centre, the Tart Tatin, a classic Rose or Pistachio or my absolute favourite, the Salted Caramel. Flavours are updated frequently as are the cakes so pop in to see what's new.

If you prefer pastries, I can recommend the HUGE Briochette or a proper Croissant. The gorgeously glossy cakes are so unique and beautifully worked like the Pistachio & Cherry Creme Brûlée Tart or the Black Forest Gateau, and are well priced around £3-4.

I only have one issue with Monsieur Plumart - this dude is bad news for my waistline.

Julien Plumart Boutique Salon du Thé
27 Duke Street

Thanks to the gorgeous Style Memos for being a lovely lunch date and for the photos. Please check out her style blog at

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