Easter egg round up 2011

by - April 10, 2011

I love the chocolate creations that emerge around Easter. Here are some of my favourite designs from this year.

The Glam Egg (Limited edition) is quite something, coated in white chocolate "velvet". The six hand painted caramel eggs are in flavours such as Yorkshire Rhubarb, Cornish Sea Salt and Kentish Apple and Pear. There are a further six caramel eggs hidden in the base of the main egg. I actually expected this to be more than £35.00 from Demarquette.

I've always liked the blue packaging from Rococo Chocolates and this hand painted egg certainly has the wow factor. Hand Painted Egg No. 3 with Leaping Hare Design, £22.50.

For the more obscure of you how about an Easter fish £9.99? Made in Sussex by the wonderful Cocoa Loco whose organic chocolate factory, well, big room, I went to visit last weekend.

Feel deflated after breaking a chocolate egg open to find nowt but air? How about this Russian doll inspired egg from Fortum & Mason £85.00 that goes on and on and on. Each egg is made with a different cocoa percentage.

One for the connoisseurs would be this striking Gianduja Almond Egg from Willam Curley, £30.00.

I like the idea behind this Cocoa Pod "egg" filled with various Easter treats. £19.95 from Chococo.

Dairy free? Then this simple, classic egg from Moo Free would be ideal. I've tried it and it doesn't taste half bad either. A pocket friendly £3.99.

All images form the respective websites.

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