EVENT: The Experimental Food Society Spectacular

by - August 23, 2010

Fancy dining on butter and chocolate sculptures, jelly towers, cake and bread art or food landscapes, all whilst being entertained alongside a night of food related performance?

The Experimental Food Society Spectacular will run on Saturday 25th September 2010 as a daytime exhibition from 11am-5pm, £5, culminating in a banquet finale 7.30pm -1.00am, £75 where you can feast on the exhibited food arts.

The Experimental Food Society was founded "to front the UK’s most talented culinary creatives, showcasing a troupe of ground-breaking gourmet artists that demonstrate there is more to life than just swallowing." Indeed. Pushing food boundaries further than your wildest dreams (and possibly nightmares) the annual spectacular showcases the culinary industry's latest experiments.

If this pushes your buttons you may be interested in my Food Art post.

Experimental Food Society Spectacular
Saturday 25 September
The Brickhouse, 152C Brickhouse, London E1 6RU
Tickets available from The Experimental Food Society

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