Bonjour Breakfast, breakfast delivery, Brighton

by - July 14, 2010

There is something luxurious about breakfast in bed, something quite naughty about it too; linen, crumbs, conserves...scandal! I love it, but dragging oneself out of bed on a sacred weekend to prepare something while your partner sleeps soundly is a bit of an ask, I mean, I love Mr Graphic Foodie and he'd be chuffed to bits if I brought him up breakfast, but I do love my sleep too!

This month sees the launch of a brilliant idea for those of us with good intentions but languid manners. Bonjour Breakfast is a breakfast delivery company, certainly unique in Brighton. One colossal USP it has going for it is that all the cakes and pastries are supplied by Cocoa, my number one, all time favourite patisserie in Brighton. Little would wake me from a Sunday slumber but a whiff of butter heaven from Cocoa would sure give me strong motivation.

There are some other nice suppliers too in there. All the preserves are from Heart of Home, a small home-based company in Devon, Chocolates from local Chocoholly and coffee is from Union, a small batch, hand roasting outfit with Fair Trade credentials. Lovely.

If you are being REALLY fancy or you have done something REALLY wrong to make up for, you can also impress with champers, home beauty treatments or flowers.

But as I do love those pastries I selected a box with a couple of croissants, a pain au raisin and an almond pain au chocolate. These were eaten with a lovely peach melba jam and some marmalade. The Frobishers juices were great, but coffee is also available (including the option of ordering a cafetiere if you don't have one).

Cocoa's Raspberry & Passion Fruit Delice is my favourite cake of theirs, a gold dust flecked beauty, with a stripy sponge outer, holding the most delicious raspberry barvoise with a passion fruit cream centre. Sheer. Utter. Heaven. As it is a very delicate cake, it arrived perfectly protected inside a ceramic dish. Bonus!

I have seen and heard about ChocoHolly chocolates as they are local and couldn't resit a box of the salted caramel chocolate hearts (£8). Salted caramel is one of my favorite combinations, but I would have liked these particular chocolates to have a little more flavour dimension.

After all these goodies, my sensible hat made me order something healthy in the form of porridge which came in a just-top-with-hot-water pot. I hadn't much hope for this, assuming it would be a pot noodle version of porridge but I really liked it! This Grasshopper Organic coconut and date version was really different and something ideal for work desk-lunching in the winter.

As Bonjour Breakfast has just launched it may be a little time before all items and packages are available on their site. Prices are rather good and not far off what you'd pay for them in the shops with a standard box costing £12.00 or individually, pastries are around £1.50, juices £1.50, coffee £2.00, porridge £2.00, preserve £1.50. Delivery free for order over £10 to BN1, Bn2 and Bn3 postcodes, charges apply to others.

It would be good to see what other items are added in the future following customer feedback. I'd like to see some sliced bread or artisan rolls, fruit salad, savoury pastries and although I understand it is a logistical nightmare, some hot food solutions.

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