Milk Jelly and other delicacies

by - August 26, 2009

Twitter is a super tool for those random food musings and occasionally they result in something quite brilliant. As I grew up with 99% traditional Italian food, things like toad in the hole, shepherd's pie, sandwich spread and scotch eggs are somewhat of an insatiable delicacy for me. I can still remember the truly momentous day I went round to my mates house after school and discovered Branston's Sandwich Pickle. I can also remember the pitiful look on my friends mum's face as I was positively raving about this new taste sensation.

Chattering away, the subject of jelly (another of my missing childhood foods) came up and @samuraijen mentioned milk jelly. Basically an old school recipe of making packet jelly with milk instead of water. I'm sure most of you are rolling your eyes right now but I thought it was truly scrumptious. And a cute retro bunny jelly mould wouldn't have gone amiss here.

I did make a set of espresso cup milk jellies topped with a raspberry to hand out after a BBQ with friends, but I shamefully admit that I scoffed all 8 of them one by one before they even came round!

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