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by - July 03, 2009

Afternoon tea is BACK! Rock it with the cream of the crop cake stands.

When I move into a place bigger than the shoebox I'm currently living in, I shall fill a cupboard full of cake stands. Here are some that are on my wishlist.

This may not everyone's cup of tea and a bit "twisted Alice in Wonderland" but the Blaue Blume 3 tier cake stand by Undergrowth Design, really makes a statement. Available from Lifestle Bazaar, £129.95. There is a full tea set too in this design, and I love the teapot and lace plates and the fact you can choose either red or gold shoes. But no, maybe not one for when granny visits.

My favorite are these from Clara French. They are rather fancy and have a price tag to suit ($160 - $340) but my, oh my... look at the dripping glaze detail and the colours are just perfect.

You can still pick up the odd stand in a charity shop but they are much sought after and increasingly rare. There is one charity shop I love in Brighton but they now charge around £10-£15 for a simple glass stand as they are savvy with their pricing and fashions. I don't care as the money goes to a good cause and the finding is half the fun. But if you can't be bothered to thrift yourself, you can buy vintage pressed glass cake stands from RE, £14-£22 or these reproduction American milk glass stands, made with original moulds which are £27-£54. I like their other finds but the website and navigation is jolly annoying to use. Grrr.

And if you are feeling handy, Design Sponge have a cake stand project on their blog, so you could make one yourself! Brilliant as I can now justify all those odd plates I get from charity shops. Some people snort white powder, some drink a bottle of gin before noon. Odd cracked plates with faded patterns are my drugs. Seriously it is becoming an issue.

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