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by - March 10, 2009

Brown (or in this case white) packages tied up with string, these are just a few of my favorite things...

Another one of my favorite things is receiving gifts of food so imagine my delight in unwrapping this gorgeous package via Le France from my darling friends* at Folded Sheet & Glacier Project?

Inside were three bars of Dolfin chocolate. I have never tried Dolfin chocolate or knew anything about it. But it turns out it was set up in 1989 by two Belgian brothers who have a family history of chocolate making and the Dolfin brand are naturally flavoured bars of chocolate where the ingredients are added directly to the chocolate mass. It's a lovely, shiny, dark chocolate with a really great "snap". Now chocolate is all about the snap. No snap, no good. This is because when the cocoa butter quantity is high, breaking off a piece produces a nice sharp snap. When cheap vegetable fats have been added it creates a duller sound. So there you go. Just don't go around snapping bars in the store.

The three bars in my package were orange & spice, coffee and earl grey flavours. Now earl grey tea flavoured chocolate is one of my favorites as it happens. I first tried it in Belgium at the fabulous Pierre Marcolini store where I bought an eye-wateringly expensive box of chocolates that turned out to be worth every penny. It sounded odd but it is the perfect after dinner chocolate and the Dolfin brand is no different. I still have the coffee flavour to try but can vouch for the other two especially the zingy crystals in the orange & spice bar.

I always think it's best to buy the best chocolate you can because you eat less of it (yes really) as it is so rich and in moderation, is good for you (yes really) as it is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The other good thing about Dolfin chocolate is that it comes in very clever packaging that you fold round and seal so it stays fresh and am loving the colours of the wrappers. Winner!

*I miss these ladies so much since they departed Brighton for the mountains of France but mostly because I have lost some serious dinner party buddies. I used to love the casual texts inviting me over for a bit to eat and they introduced me to a whole host of scrummy vegan food (yes, you read that right!) What better way to spend time than with your friends around the dinner table? That roasted cherry tomato soup...

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