PRODUCT REVIEW: Mello drinks

by - August 04, 2015

I'm surprised that there is any inspiration left to be squeezed out of the juice market but Mello brings something surprisingly different.

Essentially just a raw, cold pressed juice made from watermelon or Cantaloupe, it's a really nice and healthy option especially if you are off the booze. And let me tell you if your are off the booze (as this mamma has been on and off over the last few years) your options for something interesting to drink is limited. (Please never let me drink another glass for Shloer ever again.)

Unlike traditional fruit juices I found this clean crisp and refreshing to drink. The USP seems to focus on quite a lot of health and beautification claims, but other than hydration and being naturally good for you as part of a decent diet, I would take it all with a pinch of (lo) salt. I don't think it will be reducing wrinkles anytime soon and as for the prevention of certain diseases, drinking this every now and then isn't the answer. As you can tell, I'm getting a bit grumpy about food brands with big claims as it sucks in people looking for a miracle short term product. It's all about the bigger picture and balance for LIFE in my book.

Anyway, what I do like is that its founder is originally from the Middle East where melon juice is popular and this was a real gap in the UK market. Claims aside, it's a really lovely drink which seems to have been produced with quality at its forefront using modern processing to retain nutrition.

Packaging is particularly attractive and has been really nicely done, I'm a big fan of the cute illustration and thankfully they haven't tried to go down the innocent smoothie copy route which practically every new juice brand goes.

And if you are on the booze I bet the cantaloupe juice would make a pretty boss melon Bellini.

I was sent these products to review thoughts and copy as always are my own.

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