PRODUCT REVIEW: Global Ni knife range

by - July 14, 2015

The knife is the ultimate kitchen tool. I say if you invest in nothing else, knives are where you need to spend.

Global are the sexiest of them all though, I've always loved looking at them in kitchen shops! The slick design is functional but stunning, the one piece design is a dream to clean and the "chestnut" handle pattern a design classic. The blade is fluted (the dimples) so food doesn't stick and ride up as you cut.

This particular knife (11cm oriental cook's knife) has an Asian style angled top which is really elegant as well as being precise. The difference with this new Ni series is that the knives are heavier and the blade slightly thicker than other Global ranges. The handle has been made longer to balance this. Personally, I thought the knife was still quite light as you would expect from this brand.

And talking of balance, weighting and feel is really important when kitting out your knife collection. When I went looking for our cutlery, I kid you not, I spent about a month looking for the right weight and feel! (I'm a lunatic about plates, glasses and cups too.)

I loved this knife that I was sent to wield around in the kitchen. It really did make a difference, cut down prep time and tackled everything. (In your FACE swede!) 

Not sure if you can see just how precise the cut on the beetroot is. My knives, even freshly sharpened, would not have cut like that.

I've always believed that blunt knives are far more dangerous than sharp as they can slip and slide over food and nip your fingers. Global are, as you would expect, very sharp and therefore also gives you more precision. I was able to cut finer and my finished dishes looked better for it too. As they are quite an investment, you'll probably make sure they are looked after and sharpened properly too.

This particular Global range , the first consumer range in 30 years, is exclusive to Steamer Trading Cookshop, one of my favourite shops (obviously). You'll often find me in there stroking the pan sets! It's a hive of quality branded kitchen kit, crockery and gadgets but for the serious cook. If I'm looking for something specific, Steamer Trading is my one stop shop. If it's not there, it's not anywhere in Brighton, believe me!

To see the full range of Global Ni knives visit: The Oriental Cook' knife is currently on offer at £59.95 but will be £129.99.

Anyway, I have to go. Got to pen an early letter to Santa for the rest of the set!

I was sent the knife for review. Words and thoughts, as always are my own.

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