DESIGN: Illustrated Cooking Journal

by - May 21, 2014

Do you have folders of recipes scrawled on paper scraps, envelopes and post it notes? Can never find the steak sauce recipe you made that one time? You need this in your life then to organise you whit a bit of style thrown in to boot.

The Illustrated Cooking Journal is beautifully illustrated throughout but contains clear recipe writing areas, with a sensible amount of space to write. I like the provision made for servings, cooking and prep time. There are even sections to divide them into starters, mains and baking as well as a handy measurement section at the back including the mystery that is US cup measurements.

Now, where's that steak sauce recipe? Oh right here!

The Illustrated Cooking Journal is published by Cicada Books Limited, £7.99.

I received this copy for review.

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