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by - April 15, 2014

Audreys Chocolates
A trip to Audrey's in Hove is like stepping back in time. Their ornate silky boxes are almost as well known as their chocolate which they have been making locally for 60 years. Along with their rose and violet creams, you can pick up crystallised peppermints and posh versions of those fruit jellies your nan always had. Definitely chocolate for good old fashioned romancing. The main shop is in Hove but there is a smaller branch in Brighton.

A Brighton favourite, this place is heaving at festive times with people wanting their fun, colourful creations. They have expanded their range to include many things, but I still like their classic bars with unusual taste twists.

Although I don't think this is the best tasting chocolate in the city, you can't fail to be impressed with their wild window displays and quirky styling with pugs, skulls and er, adult themed shapes. They are the rock 'n' roll of the chocolate world and certainly think outside the chocolate box. 

Cake maker extraordinaire and local, possibly UK, king of the macaron. If you like your chocolate in a more substantial dessert, then look no further than the refined, elegant creations here. The glossy, colourful patisserie display is almost impossible to make a single selection from. There are sometimes chocolates on sale for Easter and other festivities as gifts but if you are talking sweet treats you can't miss this place off the list.

Hotel Chocolat
Although a chain, I've always liked the Hotel Chocolat brand. Their products look good and they stock some interesting premium ranges.

Ok, ok, more of a sweet shop but this place is a goldmine of weird imported sweets, chocolates and drinks from America, Europe, Thailand and Japan. You want that bacon flavoured KitKat? It's probably in here. 

Cocoa Loco
Although not a shop, this is a really good brand of local chocolate. I've visited their small factory in Sussex and the quality of their organic and Fairtrade chocolate is fantastic. There are plenty of places that stock them locally and definitely worth a try.

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