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by - April 11, 2014

This is the first in a series of posts where I feature my favourite Brighton shops that are candy for the foodie. Most are off the beaten track away from the main shopping areas so I thought they'd be helpful to visitors and even locals who haven't come across them yet. Credit cards at the ready!

Utility is one of my absolute favourite local shops, utterly unique and, as the name suggests, full of useful British made stuff, both vintage, end of line and reproduction. It stocks the sort of stuff your badass gran would have scrubbed the living hell out of her house with and crockery that will outlive us all. The muted, grey shades of the products are relevant today as the fashion for industrial style seems to be going nowhere. I'm slowly turning my whole house grey and using harder materials for finishing.

If you're a clean freak like me, their durable bushes, dusters and soaps are worth a look. Their no nonsense crockery, Brown Betty teapots and vintage cutlery are all a pleasure to use as well as nostalgic. Utility also have the larges selection of classic enamel bakeware in the city, plus their own brand of enamel mugs for taking to your "glamping" weekends away. And I never thought I would lust after a loo brush but their concrete holder and hardy bristle has my name ALL. OVER. IT. (online shop available as well)
28A North Rd

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