Blogosphere Magazine

by - January 07, 2014

Print is dead huh? Well I've just been featured in issue two of Blogosphere Magazine, a printed magazine for and about the blogging community. Theres something I like about the full circle of this, print to web to print. Why not? My blog reader is often crammed, I hate reading on-screen in bed and sometimes after nine hours at work chained to the Macbook Pro and my phone, I want a break from screen glare and finger scroll.

Blogosphere Magazine has the RSS feed style about it, being a mash-up of food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and photography, choice snippets from peoples blogs. It's nicely designed with watercolour illustrations, well structured and a great way to discover new bloggers.

If you want something good to read that has been pre-edited with good content selected by bloggers at the top of their game, then give it a look.

Issue two of Blogosphere Magazine and subscriptions (6 for the price of 5) can be bought from:

And if print is too retro for your screen addicted eyes, then e-versions can be bought from:

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