DESIGN: Gourmet papercut garden salad‏

by - March 21, 2013

There is something I really love about food illustrated as papercuts. The tactile nature, colour and intricacies of food can be better represented than flat designs. These ones from Sarah Dennis are particularly gorgeous. And interestingly, her brother is the sous chef at Sussex restaurant Jeremy’s.

“I was thrilled to take on this job and worked hard to create a conceptual plate of gastronomic art inspired by the delicate garden salad. I sketched out the idea for my dish, then individually cut each element by hand from paper before arranging each piece onto a clean white paper cut plate. I particularly enjoyed curling the paper into a courgette and cutting micro cress to create texture. I loved working on this piece which has inspired me to create a whole range of food inspired artwork. I'd love to see a restaurant capture the magic of their creations in this creative way.”
Check out her shop here.

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