Introducing baby Graphic Foodie

by - January 18, 2012

Just to let you know I'll be having a blog break for a little while to join the booming Brighton yummy mummy brigade. With lots to learn, motherhood is a bit of a shocker but normal service will resume when possible (as well as sleeping at night I hope).

Best thing is that The Graphic Foodie household has another mouth to feed!

On a side note I unfortunately had to have 4 nights in hospital. The aftercare was fantastic and god bless NHS midwives, staff and doctors but hospital food is worse than I ever imagined, mainly due to the fact it is made in Wales then shipped over to Brighton and reheated within an inch of its life. Nonsense. Thanks to (grand)mamma Foodie for coming in with brodo and tortellini, frittata and aubergine parmigiana to make me feel better. Mammas rock.

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