Jamie Magazine, The Italian Issue

by - March 23, 2011

I love this month's issue of Jamie Magazine which is an Italian issue special.

*Warning I am going off on a design bender here - skip for information on contents and food!* What really stands out in general about this magazine is the uncoated paper, wonderful type, detail and phenomenal amount of original illustration commissions. I mean it's so beautiful. Every feature and snippet has been represented with thought and not solely relying on press release snaps. I particularly like the feature on Amaro whose classically Italian illustration reminds me of the buxom lady on De Cecco packaging and the lovely type on the Order Like An Italian feature.

Content wise, Jamie seems to "get" Italian food like no other (non Italian) celeb chef. He seems to be attracted to real, regional Italian dishes and it's exciting for me to read about as it drills down deeper than the pizza and pasta level into the real cultural crevices. This issue features classic Roman pastas, a very interesting article on the digestive of even aperatif Amaro (relitively unknown on these shores), a piece on Cutello (little bum!) di Zibello which is a niche type of Prosciutto and of course may favouirite Italian chef personalities, Carluccio and Contaldo, travel back to Carluccio's village for a bite or twelve to eat. It's a top issue and well worth a read if you pick it up - hurry though as I think it's nearing the end of it's publication but back issues can be purchased here.

Mangia! Mangia!

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