SNEAK PREVIEW: Wikio gastronomy listings for December

by - December 02, 2009

So who is going to be the Christmas number one? Yes pop pickers, it’s that time again to see the movers and shakers of the UK food and drink blog scene. Dan from Wikio has kindly supplied me with a preview of Decembers top 30 UK gastronomy blogs.

The top 10 generally shows the food and drink blogger heavyweights. Most of whom I follow, but as with the music charts, personal preference is not taken into account and a lot of my favourite blogs that keep me entertained are much lower down on the list or not on there at all (probably because they have not submitted themselves). But it is an interesting list none the less!

Great to see one of my favourites, Essex Eating, shimmy up a whopping 16 places and Intoxicating Prose up 14. Annes Kitchen though climbs a staggering 31 places, so I'll definitely be checking that one out. And little old me just peeks in at number 30.

But it's no surprise that the coveted festive top spot to close 2009 is held firmly by Word of Mouth.

Rankings depend on the number and recency of links from other blogs within their articles (backlinks) and blogrolls are not taken into account.

1The Guardian - Word of Mouth (=)
2Eat like a girl (+1)
3Food Stories (-1)
4Hollow Legs (=)
5London Eater (+1)
6Cheese and Biscuits (+1)
8Spittoonextra (+1)
9World Foodie Guide (-1)
10The Foodie List (+7)
11Thring for Your Supper (+1)
12Tinned Tomatoes (+1)
13Tamarind and Thyme (-3)
14Gastronomy Domine (-3)
15Intoxicating Prose (+14)
16An American in London (-1)
17Dinner Diary (-3)
18Londonelicious (+4)
19The Cottage Smallholder (+4)
20Ambrosia and Nectar (-4)
21Essex Eating (+16)
22Ice Cream Ireland (-4)
23Annes Kitchen (+31)
24Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes blog (-5)
25Domestic Goddess in Training (-5)
26Kavey Eats (-1)
27Cherrapeno (+5)
28A Slice of Cherry Pie (-4)
29Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess (-8)
30The Graphic Foodie (+9)

Ranking by Wikio

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