Unusual places to eat

by - November 02, 2009

Underground and pop up restaurants are, er, popping up everywhere and it is great that one can experience food outside of the traditional restaurant format.

Below are some of the weird and wonderful venues that I would love to experience. Some I would personally not like to visit, but would make for an interesting venue for some, include the Modern Toilet restaurant in which food is served in yes, a loo or a restaurant that is entirely staffed by robots can be seen in full along with some others on the Simon Seeks Blog.

The Sky Restaurant in Belgium is for those happy with heights as it is dangled from a cane in the sky.

The Fortezza Medicea Jail restaurant in Italy employs murderers and thieves. This is one place I wouldn't complain if the pasta was overcooked.

Beautiful Tree House Restaurant in New Zealand.

My good friend has been here and thoroughly recommends dining under the stars in a cave thought to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old. Perfect for the next time you are passing Mombasa.

Images via Simon Seeks, apart from the Ali Barbour's cave restaurant via DianiBeach

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