Spritz Saturdays at Polpo, Brighton

by - January 26, 2017

Polpo Brighton pickled octopus

Fancy doing something different for a lazy Saturday lunch? How about a cocktail masterclass where you can learn to make (and drink!) three of Polpo’s classic spritz cocktails. You will also enjoy three of their chicchetti dishes, typical of their Venetian bàcaro style. It's an absolute bargain at £14.50 per person and on every Saturday lunchtime, fabulous for a daytime date.

I was invited to try it out and had a really fun night. One thing I really like about Polpo is the bar area. The embroidered napkins hanging from the lights are just gorgeous. Propped up on a bar stool, and determined not to fall off it, we were taken through three versions of a spritz cocktail - historically a wine and bitter liquer based drink you would have as an aperitif. We started with the most commonly known one in the UK, and one that's increasing in popularity, the Aperol Spritz. This was quite classic although instead of prosecco, they use their house garganega wine. I love these, so refreshing and easy to drink, and the fluro orange colour is as stunning as the flavour.

Polpo Brighton negroni cocktail

Next was a Brighton negroni and a cocktail not for the faint hearted. It's pure alcohol with an equal split of Brighton Gin, red vermouth and Campari with just a slice of orange for company.

We finished with a Cynar gin fizz. I'm no stranger to random Italian herb based liqueurs - my family make booze out of all sorts of stuff back in Italy and there is one for every ailment. The cellar is stacked high with bottles of green, brown and yellow liquids - a Russian roulette of hangover awaits. Cynar is made (thankfully in a far more controlled environment) from 13 herbs and plants, predominantly the artichoke as shown on the front of bottle. Mixed with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and prosecco, it was remarkably light and refreshing though.

Polpo Brighton chicchetti small plate food

We supplemented our drinks with delicious small plates of pickled octopus, potato croquettes, fried, stuffed olives and slices of chocolate sausage. It was informal and fun with the right amount of interaction and being left to enjoy the drinks and food. Highly recommended!

Polpo Brighton bar area

Polpo Brighton

New Road

I was invited to try out Spritz Saturdays. Words and thoughts, as always, my own. 

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