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Range of Christmas cookware

My love for Streamer Trading is all year round, not just for Christmas and you'll often see me in the Brighton branch stroking and cooing over the equipment (sorry). When me and Mr GF were fresh faced and moved in together in our first teeny Brighton flat those many moons ago, we scrimped hard and bought a few quality kitchen bits here that we still have now. Steamer Trading certainly stocks some great quality brands that stand the test of time. They have expanded now across the country and I was delighted to see their cutest branch in Alfriston on my way to review Wingrove House recently. So pretty with its low ceilings and period features! 

Anyway, here is my Christmas edit for essentials, drinks, baking and gift from their range. 

Christmas food kit essentials

Carving knife set and baking tray

Sabatier Carving Set
Now the main event is always the turkey/goose and you DO NOT want to cock up the carving ceremony with blunt knives, let me tell you. You can spend silly money on knives and sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it's just kitchen gadget sport. Sabatier are a decent mid-priced option of decent weight and quality. I'll be happy to use these on the day and they'll last for years to come.

Circulon Roaster & Rack Set
A good tip is always check your  roasting tin size before the big day! This one from Circulon is big enough to accommodate most family sized birds. The rack is a good to have as wrestling a turkey out of the tin or trying to drain the juice for gravy is never fun. And because the meat is raised from the base of the pan, it won't stew in the juices at bottom which can be used for gorgeous gravy.

Ultimate gift
stainless steel pepper mill

Peugeot Paris USelect Mill
This is a brilliant gift for the foodie in your life. Now I thought Peugeout made cars but no, they made a darn fine pepper mill too and actually started out in 1840 as coffee mill makers. Bit of trivia there. Le Moulande Des Grands Chefs is a weighty, stainless steel beast and best of all has SIX grinding grades. This pleases me no end as I use a lot of freshly ground pepper but always irritated me seeing the big chunks in dishes. Love it and it will last years. 



drinks dispenser and novelty ice cube tray

Kilner Drinks 5L Barrel Dispenser
Although you can't use boiling liquid in this, I'm seriously eyeballing it for mulled goodness for the kitchen elves on Christmas day, who, lets face it, always get left out whilst everyone else gorges themselves, opens presents, snoozes in front of the TV. Yeah, Christmas was SO MUCH FUN until you become a real adult. Gah. Anyway, there are a few of these about but Kilner, of jar fame, is a super brand and this is functional, well built and ideal for the party season. Spiced punch anyone? 

ZOKU Naughty or Nice Ice Molds
A cheeky little touch to Christmas drinks. A silicone ice mould for easy release. I know which one I'd get.


red traditional mixing bowl and cookie cutters

Red Mason Cash Bowl
Can this scream Christmas any louder? It's so pretty and begs for a Christmas pudding or cake to be made in it. I remember growing up we had the original brown caneware versions of these traditional mixing bowls. They are still as fresh looking today as they were in the 1800s. 

29cm version £24.50 

Dexam Cookie Cutters
Christmas without spiced cookies? Unthinkable! These are great stocking fillers and pretty hung straight on the tree for foodie decorations. 


And erm....

Ps. if Santa does read my blog (obvs) then hint hint >>

Thanks to Steamer Trading for sending over a range of products. Words and thoughts, as always, my own.