OUT AND ABOUT: Beaujolais Nouveau Day at Hotel Du Vin, Brighton

by - November 29, 2016

Beaujolais Nouveau glasses with wine

When I think about Beaujolais Nouveau I imagine 80s yuppies, big phones and long expensed lunches. The bottles were probably flown in by Corncorde for goodness sake.

But here we are today and there's a resurgence of the Beaujolais Nouveau glory days, albeit with better clothing and more conveniently sized communication equipment.

What the hell is it? Well each year on the third Thursday of November, Beaujolais Nouveau wine is made available to enjoy to the public. Winemakers and wine shops are not allowed to sell it until this precise date, hence the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau Day to make the occasion.

Beaujolais Nouveu is made at a frantic rate (bottled just 6-8 weeks after harvest) resulting in an alarmingly drinkable, fresh, light and fruity red wine. Its fast production means there the tannins are low and the colour is a gorgeous light red. There's no point in keeping it locked up in the cellar for 30 years and is best drunk soon after release. Hell, just drink it all on the day I say, I was totally sold and have already marked next year's date in the diary.

Food at Beaujolais Nouveau Day at Hotel Du Vin Brighton

I was a guest of Hotel Du Vin to celebrate what is the World's largest annual wine bash and were served the perfect meal to wash down our Beaujolias with; slabs of rich pate, beef bourguignon, coq au vin and a classic tart tartin. Sommelier Robin Roux also selected other complimentary wines for the meal, served family style on the large banqueting table, which was a nice touch.

It was also a good excuse to check out Hotel Du Vin Brighton's refresh of the dining areas. I was quite fond of the Disney French style decor before but the fresh new colours have elegantly modernised the area. The light mint and grey is trés Brighton and I look forward to dining there again soon. The last few years have seen a dip in quality in the restaurant sadly but I think change is in the air judging by the meal I had (and a cheeky plate of their octopus!) and it could well be worth a look again. I noticed the infamous cheese cart is still there!

Octopus and pasta at Hotel du Vin Brighton

Many thanks to Hotel Du Vin and Brighton Food Festival for hosting the event and for my invitation. 

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