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by - June 16, 2015

I can't think of a food with a worse reputation than the kebab. In this country we typically think of that grey stack of rotating meat made from... well, best not think about it really.

Thankfully I waited until Cypriot Papa Pitta rolled into town to try my very first one. They want to change the way we think about them and, in their words, "reclaim the kebab from the drunk man".

You'll find Papa Pitta in the charming,  ramshackle Diplock Market on North Road. The smokey bbq smell and sounds will greet you first as you pass the dusty books and warped picture frames on sale at the front of the market. It literally is a hidden gem. And they've certainly made the best of the space with beautiful attention to detail from the framed family photos on each table to the printed food wrap.

The menu is short but heck, you'll want it all. There are three kebabs of offer; chicken, pork or halloumi (vegan option to be added shortly). Meats are marinated for 24 hours, cooked souvlaki style over charcoal and fill the pitta with lots of fresh tomato, onion, cucumber and shredded lettuce for company. Tzatziki and a fierce chilli sauce are also served with it in pretty little glasses.

Although I really enjoyed the kebabs (what's not to like?) I actually think the rest of the menu is worth a serious look. I loved the beetroot salad with crumbled feta, crushed walnuts and mint. The village salad is fresh and varied. Dips and baked marinated feta are made even more delicious with the flatbreads that have been given a gorgeous smoked flavour and crunch from the chargrill.

The chubby coarse traditional sheftalias sausages are packed full of flavour. And great with your kebab if nothing else are the moreish twice fried badada potatoes.

Papa Pitta makes you feel like you are on holiday despite being slap bang in the middle of Brighton. It's sunny happy food served with a warm welcome. The food is ideal for sharing and with prices just a mere £2-4 for each side, you may as well cancel your afternoon, grab your family or friends, order absolutely everything and soak up the chilled vibes.

They are also very family friendly with toys and crayons as well as mini kebab pittas. Junior GF would be all over that!

It really is a unique place that (until they find a permanent residence) is there until the end of August from 12 noon til 10pm. Go go go.

Papa Pitta
Diplocks Market, North Road, Brighton
I was a guest of Papa Pitta. Opinion, as always, my own.

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