REVIEW: California Soul Bowl, Brighton

by - July 29, 2014

UPDATE: California Soul Bowl has now closed down. 

This is a really interesting new Brighton business offering something completely different to anything we currently have. California Soul Bowl was set up by Steve Parsons (who some may know from the music industry) after a stint living in health-conscious California.  

Blending is what they do. But don't get that confused, as I did, with just your standard smoothie. Essentially this is a choice of seven bases of quick-frozen fruits blended with frozen non-dairy milks (soy, almond) and superfood boosters. They can then be part of a combo bowl topped with their own baked granola or made into sorbets or drinks.

I am big on food. A lot of food to be exact, but keeping a 27 inch waist means I try to eat "clean" most of the time (jars of Nutella and double portions of fettuccine aside). But it's not just me. We have generally have become more aware of what we are shovelling into their mouths and I do think you can eat healthily without too much sacrifice on taste.

And lunch is when I really crave a healthy working meal to save me from an afternoon desk slump. Still, I was a bit dubious whether one of the bowls here would fill me up but it really did. I opted for the Long Beach Twister with frozen pineapple, peach, grapes, strawberries and frozen almond milk. There was also a lacuma boost added (yeah I had to Google it too) which is a powdered Peruvian fruit, rich in nutrients. This was topped with their granola, a vibrant seed mix and fresh fruit. 

And I really enjoyed it. I think anything with that many textures is a pleasure to eat, the frozen fruit/milk base was really thick and left chunky. It felt healthy but also a treat which is good. Certainly a nice fast-food switch to take the kids to.

Although the interior is not usually to my taste (the only bright colour I like is Russian Red by MAC), I felt unusually relaxed. Not something that comes easily to a fiery Italian let me tell you! But it works with the sunny fresh food on offer. Even in the winter where blended soups and warming rice milk chocolate will be on offer, may be the pick up you need on those grey days.

The location is tricky, but like the fabulous Coal Shed who is a neighbour, proves if the product is good (and the promotion effective) then they will come. Handily it is on the way to the beach so you can grab and go. Either way, I really do think they are worth the visit here.
27 Middle Street (corner of Boyces Street) 
Brighton BN1 1AL

I was invited to review CSB

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