Chateau Marmot temporary dining, Brighton

by - May 12, 2014

Chateau Marmot is an exclusive touring supper club which made its first ever stop in Brighton last week.

Launched in 2012, each supper is crafted to the location using a pool of their impressive chefs, overseen by Ottolenghi's executive chef, Ramel Scully. The theme for the Brighton evening was, unsurprisingly, the sea with local produce highlights. And that is where the expected ended. 

As I've said before, reviewing temporary suppers is a touch pointless but if you ever wondered what an experience is like here then here it is in brief detail. I loved that it was hosted in the Artist's Residence hotel and venue. The design overhaul it's had made for an ideal setting. The menu is kept highly secret but I'm guessing now the event has passed, I can share the details.

Fish crisps, herb salt - I hate eating fish skin normally but polished off my share of this no issue. Highly salty which I love. Screw you blood pressure.

Pebbles, cockles, seaweed, sand. The first time I've eaten edible Norwegian clay which surrounded the small potatoes and was hand painted. It's actually incredibly detoxing with super health claims, which is handy as there was a very good wine flight on offer that night. I also guessed correctly the "sand" was salted Digestive biscuits.

These scallops were hay smoked earlier on site and served with radish, daikon and roe.

Cuttlefish "tagliatelle", ink, pine nuts and beautiful Sussex sea herbs.

Eastbourne Brill, anchovy cream, dehydrated nettles and burnt onion - my favourite dish of the evening.

Local Montezumas chocolate cake with fennel and mussel. I admit I was relieved not to detect the mussel dust in this but pleasantly surprised to discover the combination of fennel and chocolate. Delicious.

A very interesting and memorable meal. Not comforting or filling, this is a true dining adventure full of dishes and ingredients you probably would not have come across. And that is a thrilling prospect for the food obsessed.

Highly recommended if you are lucky enough for Chateau Marmot to be passing your way.

I was a guest of Chateau Marmot. 

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