EVENT: DIne in the Sky #babeachside 22-27th August 2013, Hove Lawns

by - August 23, 2013

Shoes with straps, check.

This was possibly the most unusual setting for lunch I've had so far. I was suspended 100ft in the air by a crane, strapped into a bucket seat attached to a huge dining table. The things I do for food, eh?

Although the enormous crane and the sight of the suspended table from the ground had my inner Health and Safety inspector twitching (don't drop the knife, don't drop the knife), the ride up was really smooth. So smooth in fact, I hadn't realised how high we were until I looked past my feet, the Brighton beach pebbles mere pin pricks and the people strolling by little colourful ants. Good job I don't have a fear of heights. The seat even swung out to the left or right for a better view, and you could see the Sussex Downs in the background past the cityscape. With the sun shining, the view out to sea was breathtaking really, a special experience and one I blogged about many moons ago here so fantastic I got to try it out myself on one of the first "flights" up.

This is part of the British Airways #BABeachside event that will run on Hove Lawns until the 27th August. Each day will be themed around a different destination you can fly to from Gatwick with BA. The first day was, rather fittingly for me, Italy, but will be followed by St Lucia, Lanzarote, Morocco, St Kitts and finishing with Mexico.

To get a chance to experience the same, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the uniformed British Airways Ambassadors in and around the city centre over the six days to get your hands on a stick of British Airways rock. (Probably a good idea for any British Airways staff members living in Brighton to get changed out of their uniform before coming home then!)

Each stick will give access to the ‘pop up’ Beach Lounge where you get a taste of the destination with a complimentary drink, beach games plus a DJ in the evening. But a select few sticks of rock will reveal a ticket to take a unique ‘flight’ to dine in the sky.

Be lucky!


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