LUNCH REVIEW: Namul, Korean Bibimbap

by - July 22, 2013

I must have walked past Namul in Brighton's North Laine everyday for two weeks before one of my studio mates brought up the fact it was there. I hadn't even noticed the former generic cafe had even gone. And that's a little problem with Namul, you could just whizz past it and what a treat you'd miss. Serving the Korean dish Bibimbap, which translates to "mixed rice", this really does offer something a little different, and healthy, for lunch.

Essentially you choose a rice base (white, brown or black) and then add your numerous vegetable ("Namul") and protein toppings from the selection available or choose a pre-set menu. You then mix it all up in the bowl just before you eat. I chose the Kimchi Adventure with hot sauce as I'm a terrible sucker for pickles.

As well as being one hell of a feed, this was just so interesting, fresh and tasty. As the bulk was rice it did feel quite light despite it's size, so I didn't feel the need to crawl under my desk for a little kip after, although if they offered a smaller portion at a slightly cheaper price I would opt for that. Despite being at the top end of what you'd pay for a take-away lunch, it is good value for money.

Even though the tuna was of the tinned variety, the crisp greens, spiky kimchi pickled cabbage, egg, carrots, sprouts and seaweed were all well made and fresh. The black sticky rice looked dramatic but added more to the dish than white. There are numerous choices of sauces, and I can vouch for the fact that the hot sauce was HOT.

I also noticed some great sounding smoothies/juices, rice rolls and hot food on the way out as well so this will definitely be a re-visit.

Staff are friendly, eager to explain and the place, despite being open for just a couple of weeks, looks well organised, well designed and inviting. As well as take-away, you can opt to eat in too.

Highly recommended. Screw you sandwiches.

Gardner Street
BN1 1UN 

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