An Italian holiday and a brioche sandwich cake in a tutu

by - June 18, 2013

I've just come back from a glorious two weeks in Abruzzo, Italy being force fed by family. For the first time, I didn't really seek out new foodie experiences, just craving well deserved rest and rejuvenation, visiting family and favourite old restaurants.

This however, was a new one. The brioche sandwich cake. At the Communion I was attending, they put these on each table in the evening as an edible centrepiece (flowers are so 2012) along with 10 meters of cakes and pastries and a whole porchetta pig. Can I remind you that we'd just had an 8 course meal. I think the tutu skirt is option for the event but more sandwiches should be adored by them I think. No? Just me then.

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