REVIEW: Gelato Gusto, Brighton

by - August 04, 2012

Slightly behind our bigger brother London, gelaterias and fro-yo joints are popping up here there and everywhere in Brighton, which is not a bad thing at all! Sitting prominently on the corner of Gardner Street in the North Laines, the new-ish Gelato Gusto is pretty easy on the eye and has probably the nicest interior and branding of them all (helped by the fact the owner is a former graphic designer turned gelato maker).

The gelato here is decent and flavours seem to stick to the British taste. Mr Graphic Foodie loved his Apple Crumble flavour and I thought my Salted Caramel gelato was pretty good. For some reason I thought the gelato just lacked a bit of that Italian passion and service was a bit er, frosty and hap-hazard (some people offered a loyalty card, others not etc..) but it was a couple of days after opening when I visited.

Since then the place seems to be pretty popular and flavours seem to be getting more interesting with some great sounding sorbets like Lemon & Sage, Tomato & Basil with Black Pepper Croutons. I also like the sound of Chilli, Lime and Chocolate and Caramac (Caramac!) gelato.

Boho Gelato in Poole Valley certainly still has the edge for me in the product itself, but Gelato Gusto is in a great location and has the added bonus of a decent amount of seating in a gorgeous interior for those that like to linger. Anyway, my stomach sure has room for both.

Gelato Gusto 

2 Gardner Street

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