My shots in Olive / BBC GF / Delicious Mags this month

by - July 28, 2011

I'm in Olive, Delicious AND BBC Good Food this month! Well not me exactly but some of my food styling I art directed (and prepared too) as part of my design job.

I'm never sure whether to cross the boundary of my professional and blog life too much but as I am doing more and more foodie based design (still a small proportion of what I actually do though) it is really tempting to show the little bits here and there on the blog.

These are just some advertorials which I didn't design, but I have some full page advertising with my shots, branding work and packaging heading for the magazines very soon.

Now you see why my food shots are so terrible on the blog. Last thing I want to do after spending 9 hours setting up just 3 shots is to fiddle with lighting and camera settings whilst preparing my dinner!

And yes, I do get to eat LOTS on the food shoots.

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