EVENT: Moshi Moshi for a vegetarian sushi night

by - October 05, 2010

This was an excellent evening I attended at the ever stylish Moshi Moshi for two reasons. One, it was brilliant seeing some of Brighton's best restaurants competing in an unfamiliar kitchen and food genre to create the best vegetarian maki and second, to experiment with vegetarian version of sushi, because the way we over fishing, there isn't going to be too much fish based sushi or sashimi on the menu in the future. Quite rightly, the owner of Moshi Moshi is seeing this experiment not only as a bit of fun but as a nod to a "five year plan".

So what were the results of chefs who are more used to creating French, Indian and Fish cuisine fare? Winner as voted by diners in the evening will see their creation added to the new Moshi Moshi menu.

I'll give you my top 3 and then show you images of the rest as I realise my posts lately have been a bit epic, so I am quitting my jibber-jabber.

In at number 1 was the Maki Forestier by French restaurant L'Eglise. Amazingly chef Jean-Christophe Martin had never made sushi before. The flavour of the wild mushrooms was incredible and the beetroot soaked courgette with mushroom consomme worked really well. Loved it.

2. This was a deep fried maki by Coriander Restaurant and Deli. I don't know how authentic or how right this is but the texture of the fried maki was lovely and chewy and the freshness and lightness of the second one really complemented it.

3. Miso Pretty by Terre a Terre. Reverse rolled ginger maki in Szechuan dust with miso dressing. The star of the dish was the little onion, coriander and cucumber micro salad with the most delicious Enoki mushrooms marinated in rice wine. I thought his was the most considered dish overall and just beautiful.

And the rest....

Nepalese Vegetable Chiola by The Chilli Pickle. Stir-fried vegetables with tempered spices. Served with Sambal chilli sauce and tamarind chutney. The most interesting as it was so Indian but so outrageously spicy.

Fried tofu, cucumber, red onion and mizuna. Think there was a bit of sun-dried tomato in there for good measure by Moshi Moshi.

Goat's cheese and cooked beetroot with chargrilled peppers rolled in hazelnuts by Sam's of Brighton.

Pistachio and Milk Rice with sauteed local Victoria plum and a Banyuls and peach reduction by L'Eglise.

Yuzu rice and mango by Moshi Moshi.

And there was a No Rice Tofu Maki also that I realise I have no photo for!

Great stuff - can't wait to hear who the winner was! **UPDATE: Winner was Coriander with their Tempura maki, my second favourite! Well done chaps!**

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