Rotten Apples magazine

by - September 20, 2010

If I said to someone "make me a magazine I would want to relish, cover to cover" then Rotten Apples would be the result.

We already have food magazines that, each month, list 10 super easy mid-week meals and 20 things to do with cucumbers - we have it in spades, but Rotten Apples is a different animal. It has a chihuahua standing on top of eight cheeseburgers on the cover for a start.

Heavy on design, art, illustration, graphics and photography, it is, in my opinion, one of the most original food magazines out there.

Essentially a food culture mag but not in a snobby, high-brow way but in a colour fueled, design rich and content varied way, its first edition has features on food artists (hence the dog on the cheeseburgers), pie aficionados, death row meals, travel, odes to bread, interviews, a nice spot on food-related films and probably the most original rendition of a recipe ever:

Beautifully designed, on lovely uncoated paper, Rotten Apples can be purchased direct from for £5.45 including postage.

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