by - May 30, 2010

Pretty good eating week this week, and I think I am getting my cooking mojo back after a bit of a drought.

Monday always seems a soup day to me, maybe neutralising the excesses of the weekend!

George was on the menu on Tuesday, but we let him go, taking him to dinner at the Residence pop-up in Brighton. And yes George you do rock but if you deface my precious chalk board again, there'll be trouble!!

Love this paprika pork recipe, another staple from my little BBC Good Food book that I have for mid-week inspiration. So different to what I normally cook and brilliant if you have a little piece of pork fillet to use.

I cooked the first recipe from my gorgeous Geometry of Pasta book on Thursday. Never having cooked pasta with whiskey I was really keen to give it a go. I'll post up the results in my review soon, just have to give another recipe a go first, sticking to my 2 recipe review rule. I must say I did love the Radiatori (little radiators) shaped pasta, which hugged the sauce beautifully.

The sad face was for Mr. Graphic Foodie who was away for the weekend doing the 3 peaks challenge for the second time. I did send him off with a pile of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's rum and orange flapjacks to power him through though! Quite possibly the best flapjack recipe in the world (and the most energy packed!)

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