The De Cecco Factory, Fara San Martino, Italy

by - May 18, 2010

See this water? That ends up in your De Cecco Pasta that does. No wonder their predominant brand colour is blue looking at the sapphire sparkle of the mountain water (their own exclusive source, no less).

My family come from the other side of the mountain range where the De Cecco factory nestles in the small town of Fara San Martino, so I decided to pay it a little visit. Sadly the factory was closed (siesta!), but I was mainly looking to visit the factory shop which sells every single shape produced by the company, which run into the hundreds with some weird, wonderful and rare ones to boot that I wanted to share with you.

Hopefully I can get back later in the year for a real snoop around but the surroundings were beautiful, full of fig and olive trees and streams of brain chilling spring water. This just confirmed my love of a really great brand of pasta. (Ps. I'm not affiliated with this brand in any way, I just love it and I'm a pasta geek.)

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