by - April 26, 2010

Week 14 came and went and lord knows what I ate, life's a bit of a whirlwind at the moment.

Pasta and meatballs is always good, I use a mixture of pork and veal mince with lots of parsley and garlic. My family seem to make them the size of cannon balls but I opt for slightly smaller ones.

Date night got a bit hijacked this week as Mr. GF had to go off somewhere and I went out for pizza with a friend. The offer on at Pizza Express was too good to miss and curious as I had never previously been to one. Having taken the mick out of their Leggera pizza range quite a lot recently, where they save the diner calories with the genius method of taking a great big hole out of the centre of the pizza and replacing it with salad (ta-dah!), I just had to try one. Erm, well, I can't say this was particularly good. The tomatoes were way too sweet and the base undercooked and flabby. You can kind of see in the pic how soggy parts of it were. This may be my first and last visit. Kind of want to try the Francesco Mazzei pizzas though.

My fool proof fishcakes were better, I had some pollack in but they really do need the smoked fish in the recipe, really nice with the spicy salsa.

No I didn't eat a "pizza sausage" on Friday, that would be odd. I had some lovely spicy Italian sausages left over that were crying out to be put on a pizza so it had to be done. I didn't cut a hole out of the middle of my one.

Stress really frazzled me this week so my lovely mother came over and cooked me a vat of "restorative chicken soup". I truly believe that this soup can cure 80% of ailments. Made me feel a whole heap better - thanks mum!

(I also ate the soup again on Sunday, not bin bags, that was Mr. Graphic Foodie's inability to write on the CORRECT area of the blackboard - grrr)

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