Bar du Chocolate, Brighton

by - June 26, 2010

Bar du Chocolate is a reminder that there is absolutely no need to resort to chain coffee shops. For one, you are unlikely to come across voluptuous nude murals in your typical identikit plastic coffee shop. Neither will you experience so much fun and tounge-in-cheek decadence.

Bar du Chocolate is a small chocolate bar owned by the Choccywoccydoodah team selling cakes, milkshakes, truffles, their infamous Belgian hot chocolate, oh and coffee, yes see... no need for the identikits. Worth a go is their dipping pots. Why? A picture tells a thousand words:

That is is a fondue that I would do. I took some girlfriends here for a treat recently and was frankly amazed by how much chocolate they got through.

There is also a little room with red velour sofas that can be hired out for £200 and they will put on an all-you-can-eat-spread of treats. Great for birthdays or a fun hen party.

And if you want even more chocolate, the Choccywoccydoodah shop is just round the corner in Duke Street, which really is a sight to behold with their zany creations.

Savoury menu also available.

Bar du Chocolat
27 Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL

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