REVIEW: The Sussex Yeoman, Brighton

by - December 27, 2009

An odd part of me prefers to go somewhere and experience bad food rather than good but not breathtaking food. Because at least you can have a conversation about bad food. What do you think?

The Sussex Yeoman pub is just up from Brighton station so it's perfect for a just-got-here or just-about-to-leave meal. It has a reputation for excellent food, particularly their roasts, and I was super excited that my work had decided to go here for our Christmas do.

I chose the beef stew with dumplings (£11) and a chocolate brownie (£5.75). Both reasonably good but totally forgettable, so excuse the short review. I remember the dumplings being a bit hard and the brownie looking better than it tasted. The succulent bite I had out of my colleagues venison burger was altogether more interesting and those fat chips look phat. Maybe just a bad choice on my part.

The one thing I would say about the Sussex Yeoman is that it sits on that very uncomfortable "it's not a pub and it's not a restaurant" line. The Ginger Pig in Hove is an example of it done well at the higher end and The Hop Poles a good example at the cheaper end. The Sussex Yeoman fit-out is just awkward, but the staff are friendly, the ingredients used are well sourced and the attention to detail there.

It's good.

The Sussex Yeoman
7 Guildford Road
Brighton, BN1 3LU
01273 327 985

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