Thai Monk cocktail at Blanch House, Brighton

by - April 01, 2009

I have this thing where if I think something on a menu is going to be weird tasting I have to order it. Taste experimenter extraordinaire me. So imagine my delight in seeing a cocktail that read like a Thai green curry recipe.

This little find was on the menu at Blanch House, a tucked away boutique guest house in Brighton with very well revered cocktails and a superb restaurant. They are also well-known for their interior, slickly designed but comfortable and the bar unpretentiously classy. Not many people know about it or pass it (so shhh) and you have to knock to get in, so the bar is nice and quiet, devoid of any riff-raff and the bar staff are not gap year travellers. These guys think a lot about drink. In fact, this time we were treated to an impromptu gin tasting session with the barman and a short history of gin making and different botanicals. Brilliant. We only asked his opinion on which gin to order.

The picture shows the Thai Monk cocktail which really stopped me in my tracks. It was created by Blanch House as a competition entry and although it didn't win, it's kooky flavour hit the spot for me. With chilli and honey infused wyborowa, noisette liqueur, ginger and lemongrass cordial and coco syrup it was a really unusual flavor and one I'd recommend if you were passing.

I've been here a few times now and it's always been good, despite the headaches and huge card bills the following morning (how do I remember my pin number after 4 cocktails?) Working your way thorough the menu is a delight and yes it is pricey, but for drinks you are only paying a pound or two more than the chain bars in town. For the quality of ingredients and the attentive and knowledgeable staff, that's a couple of pennies well spent.

Blanch House
17 atlingworth street
bn2 1pl

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