REVIEW: Fusciardi's Ice Cream Parlour, Eastbourne

by - March 05, 2009

I like marathons. I like them because whilst Mr. Graphic Foodie is running them I get to hunt out nice tea rooms and eateries in places I do not normally find myself in. Everyone is indeed a winner.

This weekend for the Eastbourne half marathon, I got to go to one of the places that has been on my hit list for quite some time. The run started very early and ice cream for breakfast is a bit naughty but caution went to the wind and hopefully noone will grass me up to my mum.

Fusciardi's is a lovely little parlour that has has exceedingly good Italian ice cream and British classic cafe fare. But I was only after the ice cream of which they have a great variety of classic and more unusual flavours. My top ice cream flavour (apart from Fior di Latte which is a bit hard to get outside Italy) is pistachio so if that is on offer I always choose it. Saying that, I also had a scoop of their popular honeycombe flavour for good measure! Unusually, the pistachio ice cream also had almond flakes in it which had softened gorgeously and the chunks of honeycombe were huge submerged in the creamy gorgeousness of the ice cream.

The parlour interior is quite retro and although they have been there for years and years I don't know how original it all is (anyone?) but I loved the deco inspired pink and gold panelling on the walls, Formica tables and gold Fusciardi arch in the back.

They also do light snacks, hot drinks and massive elaborate sundaes which tempted me but that would have been a totally outrageous breakfast.

It's a great place to visit, rain (most likely) or shine.

Fusciardi Ice Cream Parlour
30 Marine Parade
East Sussex BN22 7AY

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