by - March 12, 2009

I just had to post up these utterly bizarre "canapés" from the Seven Stars pub birthday do last night.

What the chimichanga were they thinking? The party cupcake cases were bordering on mental even before we get to the food. Sausage and mash canapés. Yes, how attractive you must seem, chatting away to your companion whilst shoving a sausage in your mouth then frantically covering yourself with a mash and gravy mixture as your paper cupcake case disintegrates in your hand. As for the visual aspect of it all well, lets just say a picture speaks a thousand words...

I get the concept. It was a pub and this was a mini version of their menu - scampi and fries, mini beef burgers, lentil burgers, pies... nothing wrong with that–we weren't at the Ritz–but if you are introducing potentially new customers to your menu think about it for a second and make it the best you possibly can.

The best canapés I ever had were at a function in the Hotel Du Vin in town when I think the waiter gave up me stalking him and just stood next to me as I cleared the plate. Stuffed figs, tiny crabcakes, filled mange touts... and there was not a sausage in sight.

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